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If you are interested in being a vendor at Plymouth-Canton Bookfest, please review the website and read ALL of the information below first. Then fill out the Vendor Application.

Our vendor spots are currently full.

However, you can still apply. Your information will go into the VNQ (Vendor Notification Queue). This is not a guarantee that you will be a vendor, it is just a database of potential vendors. If any spots do open up, the next approved vendor in line will be notified immediately. Please fill out the application if you are interested in being added to the database.

Thank you for your love and support!


Fill out this Vendor Application:


Vendor General Information

We are renting 6-foot long tables. If you wish to sell anything at this event, you must rent a table from us.

This is open to the general community, thus, anyone can rent a table.



What can you sell at Plymouth-Canton Bookfest?

BOOKS!!!! (ie: used, new, authors, rare, antiquarian, unusual, pulp, first editions, esoterica, curiosa, incunabula, indie, ephemera, etc)

Comic Books

Vinyl LP records

Creative Arts

Vintage board games (ie: pre-1970)

Some local non-book related companies may participate on a per case basis


How much are tables?

Tables are 6-feet long and cost $40.00 per table.


Vendors are responsible for bringing:

If you wish, we recommend bringing your own table covers, book display stands, business cards, table banners, cash & change, cash boxes, mobile payment apps on your smartphone (ie: Square, Apple Pay, etc), flyers, pamphlets, etc.

One 6-foot long table offers ample room to be well-stocked, including space for boxes of books under the table.

We recommend you get boxes with good sturdy hand-holes. To transport them, use a dolly with good wheels.


Festival hours?

Sunday, October 02, 2022

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Will there be music and bathrooms?


DJ will be playing music.

There are several BATHROOMS inside PARC.



Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, there is whole-building wi-fi at PARC.


Is there an ATM anywhere?

There is an ATM down the street from PARC.

So how do I apply to be a Vendor @ Plymouth-Canton Bookfest?

After you *READ EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE*, please fill out this form:

link to vendor application



If you have any other questions about being a Vendor, please email us at: